About Us

About Us

We are a company established in Istanbul, Turkey dedicated to providing quality assistance to owners, sellers and buyers of real estates in finding oppportunities and making decisions for maximum long-term profitability regarding the acquisition and management of their real estates.

The founder of our company is an experienced tourism invester, who has bought and built and run hotels in Istanbul, and  can help you in making your decisions regarding tourism investments especially.

Our advices to prospective buyers are as follows :

Before buying, buyer should define his goal of owning property whether it is for tourism, temporary accommodation, permanent residence or for investment.

The best real estate opportunities in Istanbul are real estates in or near city-center. For the foreign buyer, being near to airports or metro/tram stations are obviously advantageous, which we take into account. Our portfolio consists of many luxury apartments in residential complexes, hotels and apartments in the city-center close to markets and transportation hubs. We also prefer complexes which include 24 hour security service own facilities such as garage, gym etc.

In the past 50 years, Istanbul has expanded tremendously in the east-west direction, and has reached neighbouring cities. New residential centers in the far outskirts of the city, developed in the last 10-20 years, are spacious, modern and comfortable. Even though we have not included those areas in our portfolio, we will be glad to offer our services for them as well, if the buyer requests. However we think that the best investment opportunities sitll lie in the city centers, and also the most convenient accommodations for the foreign buyer.